Oldie Night in Münster (Germany), 23 October 1999:

More than 2000 fans celebrated in a great party mood
Young Oldies kept on rocking

(...) At first they served "A Glass Of Champagne" and performed with their famous hammering piano sounds. Then they continued with a mixture of rock / pop, folk, Brecht/Weil material and waltz. But wasn´t there more?? - Yes: It was almost 2 o´clock when "Girls Girls Girls", one of the last hits of this evening - the chorus partly changed into "Boys Boys Boys" - could be heard. They made good music for everybody. Meanwhile the agreement is: next year we will repeat this Oldie night!

The text next to the photo of Peter:
In spite of the fact that it was very late the musicians continued their great show: The band SAILOR was the highlight of the festival.

The text next to the fan-photo says:
The fans were obviously in a good mood during the long nostalgic night. The true fans in front of the stage were well-prepared for their favourite bands with posters.


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