Oldie Night in Dortmund (Germany), 29 January 2000:

Great mood in the "Westfalen"-hall with the best Oldie stars,

The best Oldie stars kept on rocking for only 5000 fans

Eight hours of party-mood in the big "Westfalen"-hall

Almost worth an entry in the guinnesbook - the big Oldie party in the "Westfalen"-hall: Eight hours hit after hit from the 60s and 70s, presented by the "Rundschau" newspaper.
They looked a little grey, even a little old, the stars of rock 'n roll, the stars of the 60s, the bubble-gum-rockers. But the music was as good as ever, although one or two songs were playback because of the quick changes on stage.
Twelve bands and singers stood at the microphones and created a great mood for the (unfortunately only) 5000 Oldie-fans. But they celebrated a great party in the hall.
Marmalade started with their classic "Obladi-Oblada", then Chip Hawkes the former voice of the Tremeloes made a lot of lighters shine their light with "Silence Is Golden". And then the other bands followed quickly: Jeff Christie sang his million-hits "San Bernadino" and "Yellow River" before it was time for "bubble-gum-rock": "Simple Simon Says" or "Chewy Chewy" with Ohio Express.
The surprise for the Oldie-fans: Bernie Paul came on stage and performed his hit "Lucky" for which he won the "Golden Lion" of RTL exactly 18 years ago on the same stage.
The mood got better the more beer was sold.
When SAILOR, the secret stars of the evening, came on stage the mood was on its climax: "Girls Girls Girls" was sung by many voices. Even The Troggs could not surpass this success with their "Wild Thing" shortly before the end of the show.

The text under the photo of Peter:
SAILOR: With "Girls Girls Girls" they were the celebrated stars of a long night in the "Westfalen"-hall.

The above pictures in the article show the SAILOR fans Christel, Karsten, Ursula and Katrin.


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