Oldie Night in Rotenburg an der Fulda (Germany), 18 May 2001:

With maracas, mobile phone and camera

The text under the photo of Katrin and Karsten:
Real SAILOR-fans came to the "Meirotels-Halle": Brother and sister Karsten and Katrin Wagner. Via mobile phone she let another fan listen to "The Secretary".

The feeling of the 60s and 70s was reborn on Friday night at the Oldie-Festival in the Meirotels-Halle.

Rotenburg *** They had their greatest success 30 or 40 years ago and today the are back on stage again (or still): SAILOR and the Equals, Harpo and without Dave Dee the band Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich. Nowadays there is still a request for the stars of yesterday. (...)
The SAILORs were able to make some real fans come into the concert hall. Brother and sister Katrin (21) and Karsten Wagner (36) were dressed in striped SAILOR-shirts and filmed the entire performance with a videocamera. When the band started to play their song "The Secretary" Katrin fetched her mobile phone and let another fan listen to the song.
The two people from Fuldatal near Kassel also had some maracas and a tambourine in order to enjoy songs like "Popmusic", "A Glass Of Champagne" or "Girls Girls Girls". (...)

taken from the HNA-Rotenburg 21 May 2001


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