Oldie Night in Essen (Germany), 15 December 2001:

Oldie Night: Stars thank their audience
13th party in the Grugahalle

Many stars came to the 13th Oldie Night in the Grugahalle: "SAILOR", "Pussycat", "Mungo Jerry", "Chris Andrews" and "Ohio Express". When they sang the hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s old and young people in the audience started dancing, singing, clapping their hands and shouting "We want more".
"Harpo" was ill and could not perform. "Pussycat" replaced him. The audience thanked the singer Toni Willé with a lot af applause. "SAILOR" performed their all-time-hit "Girls Girls Girls". Even younger people knew the lyrics and could sing along. Also "Karma Chameleon" and "In The Navy" were known by everybody. The name of the band comes from a nightclub in Paris. The owner of the club insisted that his band performed in sailor-outfits because a sailor had saved his life several years before. This tradition continued until the middle of the 70s. During this Oldie Night the members of this band also performed in sailor-outfits during their encore.
The audience also enjoyed many evergreens from all the others bands like "Silence Is Golden" , "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep", "Let It Be", "Yesterday", "In The Summertime" or "Pretty Belinda". There was a very nice atmosphere in the concert hall. The fans showed their enthousiasm for the stars. The stars enjoyed the nice audience, told them to sing along and thanked for the applause with some German sentences.
Most people were dancing in front of the stage while others stayed on their seats, waved candels and lighters through the air and enjoyed the whole show with their neighbours. In the entrance area of the concert hall there was a live-broadcast of the show on several monitors, so that people who were eating were also able to see the show.


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