Oldie Night in Erfurt (Germany), 10 August 2002:

Big party at the open air festival
Thousands of people celebrated and didn't care about the rain.
More than 10.000 people came to see the third "Traumzeit" and to celebrate their idols.

(...) Just in time it nearly stopped raining for the first stars of the evening, the British band "SAILOR", and the voices of the audience also got louder again. Their hits like "A Glass Of Champagne" were celebrated as well as cover versions from Culture Club and other bands. The visitors who have been able to see a SAILOR show in the past might have noticed that their new repertoire is much more colourful. Meanwhile the four guys have created a whole show for their gigs. The special highlight of their show is a strip-performance which was very entertaining for everyone.

The text under the photo of SAILOR:
The British rock band SAILOR did a great show on Saturday. The other highlights of the day were The Equals, Vital and Manfred Man with his Earth Band.

Time to dream
Thüringen-Park and Thüringer Allgemeine" entertained 10.000 enthusiastic fans

Perfect dreamtime: More than 10.000 fans went to see the live performances of the great rock legends last weekend in Erfurt. (...) The visitors' ears were caressed with music's best: After Vital, the veterans from SAILOR started their great show. SAILOR is one of the most entertaining and innovative bands of the 70's. Their trademark: they use unusual instruments like Nickelodeon, mandolin, accordion or a bell. Their hits "Girls Girls Girls" and "A Glass Of Champagne" made the band world-famous.


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