A text from the BBC website about SAILORs special concert in High Wycombe on 16 November 2002:
Sailing back to Wycombe

Seventies band SAILOR are performing their first headline concert in the UK for over 25 years in High Wycombe next month.
They'll be joined by special guest, Chip Hawkes, singer from the Tremeloes.
Sailor have always been one of the most theatrical bands performing, and as many recent reviews will show, still have many surprises up their sleeves.
With many famous classic hits such as A Glass Of Champagne, Girls Girls Girls, Traffic Jam and more recent European hits, La Cumbia and The Secretary plus many others. Sailor have been regularly performing throughout Europe since re-forming in 1990, and in the last twelve months have played in front over 200,000.
To support their new CD release, Live In Berlin, founder members Phil Pickett and Grant Serpell, are joined by newer stars Peter Lincoln and Rob Alderton.
Collectively, they decided it was time to promote and headline their own special concert in the UK.
They'll be performing at the Wycombe Swan on Saturday 16 November. Tickets at £16.50, plus £2.50 for the after-show party where guests can meet the band.

Another text about SAILORs special concert in High Wycombe on 16 November 2002:
Lock up your daughters

SAILOR will be anchoring on the Town Hall stage, High Wycombe, on Saturday, November 16. The saucy anecdotes and theatrical show will be in abundance from this 1970s band plus they'll be bringing along a new nickelodeon. A bizarre instrument that consists of two upright pianos, organs, synthesisers and glockenspiels.
SAILOR were very popular in their day with hits such as their two number one hits Girls, Girls, Girls and A Glass Of Champagne. But it was always their live stage shows that won them fans all over the world.
Founder member, Phil Pickett explains: "It's a bit like Berlin Cabaret meet Glam Rock. We have stage sets, dancers and the special effects of lasers and smoke. And of course there is always our trademark instrument taking centre stage, the Nickelodeon. It's just like the Rocky Horror Show but all in sailor suits."
When punk came on the scene in 1977 SAILOR's music was brashly pushed aside. In the meantime Boy George of Culture Club was a huge fan of SAILOR and employed Phil as a session musician they even wrote Karma Chameleon together.
In 1990 the band members of SAILOR all decided to reform again. The band's line-up now includes Phil Pickett on bass, Nickelodeon, mandolin and vocals; Rob Alderton on Nickelodeon, accordion and vocals; Peter Lincoln on guitars, Charango and lead vocals and Grant Serpell on drums, percussion and vocals.
Next Saturday, SAILOR will be performing with special guest, Chip Hawkes from The Tremeloes.


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