Taken from "Bild der Frau" issue 49, 02 December 2002

Phil & Grant from "SAILOR": "We keep on singing for all girls"

Only two members of the original SAILOR line-up (above, 1975) are still in the band: Phil Pickett (right photo on the left) and Grant Serpell (right photo on the right).
"Girls Girls Girls" and "A Glass Of Champagne" were their greatest hits: four English guys in sailor-outfits with funny sing-along-melodies - those were (and are) "SAILOR"! Two of them are still in the band: Phil Pickett (56, keyboard, songwriter) and Grant Serpell (56, drums, sometimes chemistry teacher). New are Peter Lincoln (46, lead vocals) and Rob Alderton (36). Phil: "Our first live album "SAILOR - Live In Berlin" is selling very well. Most of our fans are from Germany." The Ex-SAILORs Georg Kajanus (56) and Henry Marsh (54) are now working as solo artists.


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