A text from the "Düsenbert" magazine - author: Hans-Ulrich Neumann - January 2003:

A SAILOR's night on the town
Hans-Ulrich Neumann from the settling Tapenbeck was at the headline show in England - Backstage tickets included

SAILOR belonged to the rather eccentric bands of the 70s that have truly been strange and colourful. With hits like "A Glass Of Champagne" and "Girls Girls Girls" the four guys in the sailor-outfits entered the charts not only in Germany with their Nickelodeon (music-machine) that reminds you of two pianos back to back. After the separation of SAILOR in the late 70s they had a comeback in the 90s with "The Secretary" and "La Cumbia". Since that time they could unfortunately only be seen on Oldie Nights. This was to change in November 2002. SAILOR invited the fans to a real headline show in High Wycombe near London, and as a true SAILOR-fan it was my duty to see this concert.

The concert
Our flight from Hannover to London had a three-hour delay because of the famous London fog. But this didn't stop our enthusiasm. We were four people who went to this event, brother and sister Wagner from Kassel (Katrin Wagner maintains a fantastic website about the band at, my wife and myself.
When we arrived we had the privilege to go into the Town Hall before the show, look at the stage set and listen to the soundcheck. Chip Hawkes (Tremeloes) performed as Special Guest. Then the great moment had come: two hours of SAILOR live at their very best. It was a unique event. Not only the fans, but also SAILOR, who had been really nervous before the show, enjoyed this concert very much. This concert was also filmed for a DVD which will be released this spring.
After the concert there was an After-Show-Party with SAILOR and many family-members that lasted until late in the night.

Further information
There's a second chance for everybody who missed this great event: on 18 May 2003 there will be another concert at the "Musiktheater" in Kassel. Further information about this and the DVD can be found at the homepage that is mentioned above.

Special thanks to Hans-Ulrich Neumann from Gifhorn (Germany)!


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