SAILOR's special headline concert in Kassel 2003
the concert that never happened...

The SAILOR headline concert on 18 May 2003 in Kassel had to be cancelled because the promoter who was to do the show, was broke and couldn't host any more shows. Those information only became public a few days before the concert was to happen. SAILOR and the MARINERO-crew did all their best to make it possible in spite of all this trouble, but in the end it could only have worked with a huge loss of money for everybody who was involved. So the show had to be cancelled although many tickets had been sold, and many fans who had been looking forward to seeing this show were disappointed and had to cancel their travels, tickets etc. There had been posters, radio promotion and big newspaper articles about the show in the whole town. Here are some examples of the promotion which had been done for this show:


The owner of the nightclub "Le Matelot" in Paris wanted his houseband to dress up in sailor-outfits for their performances. When the club burnt to the ground in the early 70s, two members of this "sailor-band" - Phil Pickett and Georg Kajanus - went to London and formed "Sailor". Trademark of the band became their unusual choice of instruments: mandolins, glockenspiel and the accordion marked the style of Sailor, in addition to the typical Nickelodeon.
With their first album "Traffic Jam" (1973) SAILOR reached Gold-status in Holland. In late 1975 they conquered the charts everywhere with "A Glass Of Champagne" - the title reached place number 2 un the British charts and number 3 in Germany. With the successor-title "Girls, Girls, Girls" they continued the success - it reached place number 2 in Germany. "Stiletto Heels" and "One Drink Too Many" also became successful songs, but they were stylistically similar to the earlier successes.
When the band realised that they had come into a musical dead-end-street, they broke up in 1978. Two years later SAILOR released the "Dressed For Drowning" in a slightly different line-up. But this formation didn't have any big successes.
In 1990 SAILOR reformed again in the original line-up. But in 1995 Georg Kajanus left the band, and he was followed by Peter Lincoln. As the new SAILOR-member he awakened the soul of the band again with his charisma. Nowadays Henry Marsh, Grant Serpell, Phil Pickett and Peter Lincoln are still entertain thousands of fans under the name SAILOR at international concerts and Oldie-meetings, like on Sunday, 18 May at the Nachthallen.
Sunday, 18 May, 9 pm, Nachthallen / Musiktheater

Taken from the magazine "Das ist los" issue May 2003

Taken from the magazine "Xcentric" issue May 2003

SAILOR - Finally! SAILOR-fan Karsten Wagner managed to bring his idols to a unique event in Kassel. A reason for us to announce this gig with an article of our deceased colleague Ralph Otto:

Karsten Wagner's job is office work. But in his real life he is a music fan. A very special one who doesn't share his liking with millions of people. No Elvis, no Jimi, no Stones - he fell for SAILOR. - originally written by Ralph Otto in late 1997

The freshwater Sailor

With body, soul and without too much hair on the upper deck. His maritime treasury shines with five organizers, lots of SAILOR LPs and CDs (of course including bootlegs and rarities) plus 3 dozen videos. The wardrobe is full of the right outfits, and naturally Karsten, like Georg Kajanus, sometimes wears an anchor on his cheek. However, the 33 year old man has never really had spray of waters on his moustache and he never saw a real harbour-tavern from the inside. The experiences of that man from Kassel are limited to the "Zissel", a water party in Kassel. But he remembers that in 1976, HR-3 radio-host Werner Reincke played three songs from the SAILOR -album „The Third Step" in a row. Our freshwater-sailor got much more seasick when SAILOR came on board again in the original line-up at the beginning of the 90s after several shipwrecks and mutinies. One fine day, Karsten and his "proselytised" sister Katrin have been invited to a special meeting by SAILOR- member Henry Marsh. The beginning of an accumulating friendship. Sometimes they would meet after the gigs in order to talk about new information or to help Grant Serpell's son to find his father. There are not only SAILOR-fans in Alfeld, Duderstadt, Groningen, Malmö and Aberdeen but also a fellow from the Harrison Avenue in Redwood City, L.A.. Sailing is obviously still a must. Karsten Wagner now managed to get a good result for his hard work for a SAILOR concert in Kassel. The band will perform at the Musiktheater on 18 May 2003. Ahoy!


SAILOR outfits, a harbour town background and Nickelodeon. No doubt: SAILOR is one of the most extraordinary and successful bands of the 70s. The famous career of the quartet started with "A Glass Of Champagne" and "Girls Girls Girls"; many more hits and concerts in sold-out concert-halls followed. After some changes in the line-up the "singing SAILORs" are now coming to Germany for a unique solo concert in the new line-up.
18 May, 9 pm

Taken from the magazine "Fritz" issue May 2003

And two more texts about the concert taken from the "Wildwechsel" magazine...

A sensation for nostalgia-fans will take place at the Musiktheater Kassel: SAILOR will be there on 18 May. One moment, who was that again??? Right, the boys with "A Glass Of Champagne" and the unforgettable "Girls Girls Girls". For two hours the SAILORs will show their best in Kassel. Further information at

...and from the "HNA-Kartenservice":

When a SAILOR song is played on the radio you automatically turn it louder. It's still nice to listen to this really good pop-music with the flair of distance and adventures after 25 years, you remember the old hits and SAILOR's performances at "Disco" or at the "Musikladen". The songs are as fresh as ever!

SAILOR at the MT cancelled
Concert on the 18th of May had to be cancelled, a new date is still unsure
Taken from the HNA newspaper issue 13/05/2003

The North-Hessian "Girls, Girls, Girls" - and of course also the local boys - will have to drink their "Glass Of Champagne" without the stars. The concert of the band SAILOR which was planned for Sunday, the 18th of May, can't happen.
The cancellation without a substitute-date was announced by Karsten Wagner, leader of the promotion-crew of SAILOR. He and the band are very sad, Wagner explains, especially because tickets had been reserved by fans from all over Germany as well as from other countries like England, Belgium and Holland. The concert agency Runway Music from Kassel won't do any more shows from now on, so that the promotion team and the band had both been looking for another possibility to find another promoter. But this didn't work.
As a little consolation for all SAILOR-fans the Free Radio Kassel (105,8 MHz / 97,8 MHz cable) will broadcast a three-hour SAILOR special tomorrow, on Wednesday from 11 pm.


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