Oldie Night in Bad Segeberg (Germany), 16 May 2003
Reviews from the newspapers "Nord Express", "Seegeberger Zeitung" and "Hamburger Abendblatt - issue Norderstedt":

Radio Nora - Oldie Party
Hot party-mix and cool weather

Bad Segeberg - Party at the Kalkberg. For the fifth time Radio Nora invited the fans to an Oldie-party. Approximately 6000 music-fans celebrated together with the stars of yesterday. (...) The band SAILOR proved that handmade music is much better than just singing to music from a tape. In addition to their old hits like "Girls Girls Girls", "A Glass Of Champagne" or "La Cumbia" and "The Secretary" from the 90s they also included cover-versions into their show at the end of the Oldie-party.

The fans got warm during "Daddy Cool"
Approximately 6000 visitors celebrated the Oldie-party of Radio Nora - Boney M. were an absolute highlight

(...) The mixture of the programme can not be blamed for the fact that some places at the open air theatre remained free during the third Oldie-party - as usual one day before the big Oldie-Night - at the Kalkberg. But the people who stayed right until the end in spite of the cold seemed to enjoy it very much.
In addition to Boney M it was also because of the boys from SAILOR and their funny stage-show and Bernie Paul ("Oh No No") that the audience got warmer - and when it got darker and the free seats were devoured by darkness, the mood of the fans was at its best. Not only the usual party-guest appreciate the fact that the artists in Bad Segeberg still use their own voices. SAILOR and Sydney Youngbloods Band "Ey-No" even provided the real live-experience. (...)

The text under the photo of Rob and Phil:
SAILOR provided a great ending for the Oldie-party with their chart-hits "A Glass Of Champagne" and "Girls Girls Girls", a funny stage-show and the typical Nickelodeon.

The old hits are still up-to-date
16000 visitors celebrated the stars from the good old days in Bad Segeberg

Bad Segeberg - The full moon was in the sky, but the sun rose at the Kalkberg in Bad Segeberg: "Sun of Jamaica" came out of the loudspeakers and lighters were lit in the big arena. (...) Last weekend approximately 16000 visitors celebrated two huge parties in Bad Segeberg: The Oldie-Party on Friday and the Oldie-Night on Saturday, both hosted by Radio Nora, have a certain cult-status. A lot of beer and a lot of memories. It doesn't matter that the artists have become a little older - the visitors are older as well.
Not all artists look as good as Suzi Quatro, not all of them can rampage across the stage like the musicians from SAILOR, but they all give their best. Sweet, Animals, Bernie Paul, Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich and many others provided several hours of musical fun.


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