Pirate Copy
Live In Concert

Review by German music magazine "Good Times" issue September 2003:
For nearly thirty years hardly anything has changed in SAILOR (except for the line-up): The Nickelodeon was updated technically and with synthesizers, but it still fascinates with its fairground-sound. The songs have always sounded as if they were from the 1920s, and at the same time dust-free ("Girls Girls Girls", "One Drink Too Many", "Jacaranda", "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"). The stage is still lightened by an intimate sailor-pub-illumination and a streetlamp. And the original members Phil Pickett (nick), Grant Serpell (dr) and "the new guys" Rob Alderton (nick) and Peter Lincoln (voc, gtr) are still faithful to their outfits.
In spite of all the show and the closeness to the English Cabaret, SAILOR, whose respective members have kept the fun of playing, are a convincing band, especially because of their music and vocals. "Pirate Copy" is therefore not only advisable for fans. As a bonus there are three "unplugged"-tracks, a detailed band-history and interviews.
(Angel Air / Fenn, 150 Min.)


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