in Austria...
...and what they discovered in Salzburg, where one concert had been cancelled!

As you know, SAILOR were in Austria last week, but one of their two concerts - the Oldie Night in Salzburg on 27 September - had to be cancelled. Now here's a nice little story (and picture) about that for the fans which we got from Grant (or just try to find the big mistake in the picture on the right...!):

"As you can imagine, the band was very disappointed when our concert in Salzburg on Sept 27th was cancelled two days before it was due to take place. This was all the more painful as our reception for the Linz concert the night before was ecstatic.
However, being the philosophical chaps that we are, we were quite happy to spend our time off looking round the wonderful city of Salzburg on Saturday evening, while we waited for our flight home, which didn't leave until 9.15 pm.
Our attention was drawn to the posters for Saturday's concert, which were all over the city. I attach a photo that I took of one of them and, as you can see, the posters were not really likely to encourage SAILOR fans to attend.
It appears that the local promoter had no idea who he was booking.
Best wishes to all the fans


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