Oldie Night in Leipzig-Mölkau (Germany), 08 November 2003:

SAILOR in Mölkau
Original band plays old hits

SAILOR - The legendary "sailor-band" will perform at the Gasthof Zweinaundorf, Zweinaundorfer Straße 210. You can see the four musicians there on Saturday, 08 November.
Mölkau. SAILOR were formed by Phil Pickett and Georg Kajanus. The idea came from the history of a nightclub in Paris. The owner of the club wanted his musicians to perform in sailor outfits - as a remark of respect for a sailor who had saved his life some years earlier. This tradition was pursued by the two muscians in 1970, and they formed the band SAILOR. Hits like "A Glass Of Champagne", "Down By The Docks" or "The Secretary" formed their succes-story. In the early 80s they split up. 12 years after the split SAILOR came back together again in the original line up and celebrated a felicitous comeback.


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