A text from the Radio Arabella programme promoting the concert in Munich (Germany) 25 January 2004 - with a link to ;-)

SAILOR - The champagne-corks pop
SAILOR was the name of the band with a very special music in the 70s. Nice pop music with sounds of sailor songs. With this sound the four young English boys entered the European charts. Nobody serves a glass of champagne as musically as SAILOR. "A Glass Of Champagne" reached the Top-10 of the German charts straight away in 1975. The successor-hit followed soon. A few months later SAILOR reached number 2 in Germany with their super-hit "Girls Girls Girls".
Four good-looking guys in sailor outfits with catchy tunes - that's what the audience liked. Thousands of people went to SAILOR concerts.
In the early 80s the band broke up to the regret of their many fans.
1989 the boys came back together again and entered the charts with "La Cumbia".
After several changes in the line-up they are now sailing on the waves of success again.
Ahoy and welcome to the Arabella Stars 2004 - SAILOR.


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