The "Tring Thing" - 20 March 2004
SAILOR's special 30th anniversary headline concert in Tring, UK

A text from the theatre programme promoting the concert:

One of most fun and eccentric bands of the 70’s at the start of their 30th anniversary tour. The hitmakers of songs like "Girls Girls Girls" and "A Glass Of Champagne", SAILOR have spent many active years performing to crowds of tens of thousands in Europe and are now touring the UK with a more intimate show, complete with harbour set and the famous Nickelodeon.
For many years SAILOR’s unique and quirky mix of latin and trad jazz, euro-pop, glam rock and barrel organ (!) has been denied to UK audiences. This year sees that put right, and all starting here in Tring! With many hits not released in the UK and some well known songs given the SAILOR treatment, like "Karma Chameleon", written by SAILOR’s Phil Pickett. SAILOR also features Tring’s very own Rob Alderton (Musical Director at this very theatre) on Nickelodeon, Accordion and Vocals.
Book early as fans from all over Europe will be joining us for this special event.
Put on your SAILOR costume (optional) and come to the party!
After the show, there will be a chance to meet the band and buy SAILOR merchandise like their new DVD, "Pirate Copy!"


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