Promotion material for "Marvellous '04"
at Wellington Country Park - June 2004

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first appeared in the glory days of the 70s Glam-Rock era as contemporaries of bands such as Cockney Rebel, Roxy Music and Sparks. They shone out as one of the most innovative and exciting live bands of that time. With a distinctive sound, driven by their unique "Nickelodeon" keyboard, the band produced a string of hits including "Girls Girls GIrls", "Traffic Jam" and "A Glass Of Champagne".
Currently enjoying their 30th anniversary as a band, SAILOR continues to wow audiences all over the world with their quirky and somewhat eccentric brand of entertainment. With a new maturity, they now take on board the whole range of 20th Century popular music, mixing pre-war cabaret á la Brecht and Weil with the glitz and glamour of the 70s finished with a fusion of the liveliest Latin dance rhythms. The hits are all served up with an infectous humour in a show that includes some wonderful theatrical moments.

"Their appeal is as strong to the young as it is to the older, more nostalgic audiences... tremendously evocative of a whole era" The Daily Telegraph

"...I saw them at Friar's Aylesbury and immediately asked them to come on my UK tour - they were the best and most original band around." Steve Harley

"I thought I was camp until I watched SAILOR every week on 'Supersonic'. I had to get one of them in my band!" Boy George


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