An extract from an article about SAILOR's performance in Linz (Austria) on 20 August 2004 from the "Krone Zeitung" from 22 August 2004:

...SAILOR also turned out to be true crowd pullers. And although their homes have been the international concert stages for the last 30 years they were impressed by the "Krone"-Fest and the audience. The pop-veterans with the sailor-look amazed the audience with their German language skills as well as the "Mack The Knife" song from the "Dreigroschenoper". With hits like "Glass of Champagne" or "One Drink Too Many" they managed to heat up the audience for Haiducii's "Dragostea Din Tei" - and the star of the evening and the audience's favourite, Christina Stürmer...

...And an Article announcing SAILOR's performance in Linz from the "Krone Zeitung" from 04 August 2004:

Acclaimed cult-band at the "Krone"-Fest in Linz (20 & 21 August) - free admission for all!
The English band SAILOR has released 23 albums and 47 singles during the last 31 years. World-hits like "A Glass Of Champagne" reached cult- and gold-status - but once it all began with a fairy-tale...
Retrospect: The owner of a nightclub in Paris, "Le Matelot", wanted his houseband to perform under the name of "Sailor" in sailor outfits. When the club burnt down in 1970 the musicians went to different parts of the world. By chance two of them met again at a US airport: Phil Pickett (still in the band today) and Georg Kajanus! And the duo brought SAILOR back to life again in 1973 together with Henry Marsh and Grant Serpell. This was the beginning of one of the most innovative bands. They kept their sailor-look, got countless awards and played acclaimed concerts.
At the "Krone"-Fest in Linz (20 & 21 August) the quartet will deliver a great show - with free admission for all!
Also performing: Chris Norman, Haiducii and many others.


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