First show of the "Golden Classics 30th Anniversary Holland Tour" with SAILOR and The Rubettes (featuring Alan Williams) in Egmond aan Zee (Holland) 20 November 2004:

EGMOND AAN ZEE - The pop bands The Rubettes, SAILOR and ZZ And The Maskers started their Dutch tour Saturday night in Egmond aan Zee. With fans from France, United Kingdom, Germany and Friesland. Many of the 700 visitors combined the event with an exploration of the region. Music from the Seventies as an attraction for tourists.
The show was opened by the first real Dutch beat band, ZZ And The Maskers. Jan the Hont and his brother Hans still belong to the original line-up. (...)
The English band SAILOR had their first hit in the Benelux in 1974 with "Traffic Jam" and reached very high chart positions in the top 40 with hits as "Sailor", "A Glass Of Champagne" and "Girls, Girls, Girls". Dressed in the original sailor-outfits they played hits from 70s' and from the 90s, with songs like "La Cumbia" with which they also reached high chart positions in the Netherlands. They sound a little less polished than the Rubettes. This band also has an active fan club which follows SAILOR everywhere.
Berry Gubbels from Helmond were really enthusiastic: "I think that SAILOR played extraordinarily well." (...)'
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