SAILOR fans' reviews of the new album "Buried Treasure"

Some of the first comments about "Buried Treasure":

  • "What a wonderful compilation! Very marvellous!"
  • "I thought I had heard just about all there was to hear from them. How wrong I was! This album is like listening to 4 or 5 different bands! Can there be a more adaptable or talented band still going today?"
  • "An absolutely fantastic album and well worth the long wait!  Every single track is a gem."
  • At long las the 'booty' has arrived, and the SAILORs have done us proud! Long overdue, but very,very welcome! Well done SAILOR."
  • "What a superb anthology of SAILOR's work. I especially liked the experimental tracks and the 'TV Land' tracks."
  • "Lovely to discover tracks I hadn't heard before, as well as listening to the more familiar ones. The 'Hi Ho Silver' tracks, which I hadn't heard for years and years, and which I still remember, are a special treat. What more can I say, but, 'Marvellous'! Better get cracking on Volumes 3 and 4, boys!"
  • "The CD cover and artwork for the anthology set is quite appealing to the eye. The track notes are informative, concise and intelligently written."
  • "Listening to the band members contributions on this 2 CD set is a greatly refreshing experience. Everything, though often musically disparate, is brought together nicely when you consider all of the band members have contributed in some way."
  • "If I listen to the album carefully and imagine, how many right-owners there are, I can imagine what hard work it was and how much money it took to release this unique anthology, thank you very much SAILOR."
  • "Listening to Buried Treasure is a great pleasure, you can here the differences beetween the different aeras and, I must say that, a 12-String can never be replaced by an electric guitar with sound processor and the sound of the acoustic honky-tonk piano of the original Nickelodeon can not be reproduced by the syntesizer piano."
  • "I have received my Buried Treasure and a treasure it is. Marvelous packaging too. Great selection of songs, many I haven't heard. Every new version I hear of these songs are like new ones to me. Doesn't matter who is singing them, they are always fabulous. I am also becoming a real fan of Phil's singing and song writing. Well done guys."
  • "Buried Treasure - of course, a real SAILOR fan puts the spade away, pushes the sailor's cap a little further to the back and uses the end of his neckerchief to wipe the sweat off his forehead, feeling like raising a treasure when he opens the envelope that has just arrived from England. A treasure chest full of sparkling, glittering jewles of pop music - long awaited and now here at last. But is Buried Treasure really just a treasure chest? No! I have been the proud owner of this double-CD for a week now and this comparison is not enought. For me there is a lot more than the contents of a rotten wooden box. Buried Treasure is a book full of new colourful stories about life in its whole variety, a new formula for the explanation of the world, a panorama-painting using the complete colour palette, or, to return to the nautical topic: the discovery of a new continent, a huge and wild new ocean!
  • "Buried Treasure - it's your own fault if you miss it! Thank you, SAILOR!"


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