The official SAILOR newsletter announcing that Peter Lincoln leaves SAILOR:


Man Overboard again... Peter Lincoln leaves !!

Announcement from SAILOR - 04 August 2006:

SAILOR regret to announce that after almost 11 years as lead vocalist and guitarist, Peter Lincoln is leaving to join Andy Scott's Sweet. Although initially sad and surprised he decided to jump ship, Henry, Grant and Phil wish him the very best for his future with Sweet. Peter's last show with SAILOR will be at Parchim in Germany on 09 September 2006.
Although extremely sorry to lose him, there are no recriminations whatsoever and everyone involved will enjoy many happy memories and extremely good times making music together over the last decade for many years to come. SAILOR also wish to take this opportunity to thank Peter for his consumate professionalism, wonderful voice, warmth and humour - and in fact for being a 'bloody decent all-round chap' flying the flag 'up at the pointy end' for the last 11 years - Good luck shipmate!
Of course it seemed obvious that SAILOR's first port of call for Peter's replacement would be original member and writer of many of SAILOR's songs, Georg Kajanus. The band felt that after an 11-year absence Georg might well have cherished the opportunity to get back on board the unique musical entity he helped create all those years ago and to that effect SAILOR contacted Georg recently.
After much deliberation however, unfortunately Georg felt that circumstances were not right for him at this time, and so in the true spirit of "Le Matelot" - Sailor now intend to search for new blood and a fresh start.
SAILOR has become a remarkable institution over the years, a band of resourceful, talented (some would say eccentric!) and above all, tenacious individuals who - especially after a wonderfully memorable concert in Austria last weekend - have decided that the long voyage of SAILOR will definitely continue. With this in mind steps have already been taken that in spite of the above difficulties still give rise to a degree of excitement and anticipation at SAILOR HQ.
Out of challenges often come great new possibilities and SAILOR sincerely hope and trust that all of their true fans will keep the faith, not lose heart, and above all give them the chance to prove yet again that they can keep the SAILOR flag flying high for a few more years at least!
Therefore in September SAILOR will have great pleasure in announcing who their new lead singer will be.
Watch this space!
Good night and good luck,
Phil, Henry & Grant - 04 August 2006

SAILOR in Bad Schallerbach (Austria)
on 29 July 2006,
photo courtesy of Phil Pickett

PETER - From 1996 to 2006
From 1996 to 2006... 10 years with captain Peter...


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