05 October 2006:

Farewell message from Peter Lincoln...

A message in a bottle from Peter Lincoln washed ashore today... Here it is:

Well, it’s been a wonderful eleven or so years but now – five Nickelodeons later - it seems that the time has finally come for me to move on.
I have made lifelong friendships with Phil, Grant and Henry. Along the way we have shared some fabulous times with a good deal of uproarious fun, and sometimes complete insanity. Our trip to Greenland, the "birth" of "The Full Monty", the towns, the girls, the harbours……
When Henry first suggested the idea of his son Ollie as a replacement I was absolutely delighted. He’s a great guy and he’s going to do a great job!
So I guess it only remains for me to thank all of the friends and fans of SAILOR for their continued support throughout my time with the band.
I bid a fond farewell to SAILOR and wish them every success for the future.
Love to all
Peter at his last concert in Parchim (D) 09.09.2006

Peter at his last concert in Parchim (D) 09.09.2006

Farewell Peter - last concert in Parchim (D) 09.09.2006

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