Would you like to hear more about Grant's day at the Feldberg concert on 04 February 2006? Here's a very special exclusive and all explaining concert review of the show by Grant Serpell: SPECIAL THANKS!!

On the Piste again...
By Grant Serpell

"The thought of an open air concert near the top of a mountain appeared rather daunting as I had just returned from 33 degrees Celsius in Cuba.
However, we matelots always relish a new challenge so we duly arrived at London Heathrow Terminal 1 to board our flight to Basel. On arrival we were told that the British Airways flights to Basel go from Terminal 4.
Grant Serpell - Dresden 14.05.2005
Mad dash to train with loads of baggage.
Check in --- All is well.
Uneventful journey apart from magnificent scenery of the Schwarzwald.
Brilliant small hotel --- wonderful food and service.
Sound check scheduled for 8 am on Saturday.
Stage is positioned at the foot of the ski runs at Feldberg.
As we have a little time Henry does a quick Downhill, Phil and Grant do a Giant Slalom and Pete manages to sqeeze in 2 ski jumps and a session of freestyle snowboarding.
Not true.
We wait on the stage -- Temp minus 6 Celsius with the only source of warmth being two jets of hot air coming up through two vents at the front of the stage.
We wait.
We continue waiting and eventually we try to do a sound check.
It lasts about a minute. Pete's hands are frozen so we give up and go back to the hotel for a late breakfast.
Lunch had been ordered for 1 pm so when it arrives we just look at it and try to force it down as it's only 2 hours since a large breakfast.
Go to venue at about 3, stay in warm dressing box, container, shed, room, store, cupboard whatever and go on stage at 4.
Cold ---- B cold --- I play most of the set wearing my leather jacket - first time ever. I even wear a scarf for the first four numbers.
Full Monty is unbelieveably cold.
Encouraging reception from a crowd whose average age is 20ish.
After show we visit the VIP bar which is in the open air. We sample Ramazotti, a drink made from fermented BMW sump oil, cough mixture, old socks and sheep droppings.
Flame thrower arrives to thaw us out and we return to hotel for more recreational eating and drinking.
Drunken discussions lead to the perennial topic of the weight and impracticality of the Nickelodeon.
Ideas flow like the Rhein in flood ----- so look out.
Drink and talk till late.
Go to bed.
I watch a boxing match on tele between a German and a South African. German wins easily even though judges say score is about 117 to 112. Silly sport.
Sunday am drive to Basle (note the French spelling now).
Go home.
Sleep ---- Still jet lagged after Cuba.
Grant Serpell"

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