Taken from "Armin Rahn magazine" 2012

On the pop-success-wave for 40 years

„Cast off!“ was first said in 1973; 40 years ago SAILOR still sail on the wave of success.
This is how long the British pop band has been navigating through the international music scene. An end of the journey is not in sight. Their secret: To continue in stormy times, always stay hungry and open for the new. 1976 the quartet first threw their fishing rod into the water, and soon two big fished got caught: Their sparkling "A Glass Of Champagne" and the catchy Oldie "Girls Girls Girls" secured top chart positions in the European charts for the band and even made them „The Beach Boys’ favourite band“ (Playboy Magazine).
In spite of the praise of the Beach Boys, SAILOR didn't anchor for long but kept on sailing once again. In this country they made two good catches with the top-40 singles "The Secretary" and "La Cumbia" in the 90s.
Always there at shore-leave: the Nickelodeon. This "custom-made allround-machine including zwo back-to-back pianos as well as synthesizers, mini-organs and glockenspiel, symbolically represents the special sound of the Brits". Harmonies with several voices, nautical lyrics, Bert-Brecht-bits and elements of various eras and countries flow together to an innovative mix of styles, in the early days swashing into the directions of Pop, Surf or Latin, later surfing into Disco and on the New Wave.
SAILOR keep reinventing themselves. While Thomas and Oliver Marsh have rejuvenated the crew aboard in the last time, father Henry and founding member Phil Pickett remain at the helm of the ship. In this line-up, the four-man-crew sails onto the anniversary destination. Then we can all toast to the new album: best done live and with a "glass of champagne"! ***


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