London, UK - 04 December 2005

Event: SAILOR In Concert
Location: The Bedford
Beginning: 8 pm
On stage: Tony Moore, Earl Okin, SAILOR

Photos by: Katrin Wagner, Karsten Wagner, Bill Blenman, Stephen J Hall, Eddy Crouch, Tony Atkin, Tony Auth, Malcolm Knowles
Videos by: Karsten Wagner

It was a fantastic SAILOR's night on the town in London last Sunday. SAILOR's exclusive concert at The Bedford in London, UK, on 04 December 2005 supplied their enthusiastic fans from England, Sweden, Denmark, Germany etc. with a great show including many of SAILOR's biggest hits as well as a some enjoyable surprises like "Open Up The Door" (a first - especially for Peter Lincoln who did a marvellous job!), "Josephine Baker" with Henry Marsh on the lead vocals (wow!), "Nickelodeon Nights", "Traffic Jam" (for the first time since the 70s in the original album version!) and also a very special version of "Karma Chameleon" with Judd Lander (from original Culture Club recording) on harmonica.
The concert left the fans hoping for the SAILOR ship to return soon to bring us all more of that - and maybe also let us all share the long lost buried treasure!

Special thanks to all the lovely fans for comming and making this evening so very special!!!

If any of you out there have some more nice photos from the show or of of you together with the SAILORs and/or other fans, reviews or anything else to share with all of us, just let us know via eMail!

Best wishes and SAILOR-greetings,
~ Katrin
your webmaster

Henry Marsh about the concert:

"I'm sure those of you that were there, will agree that it was a rather remarkable evening. The venue itself has been a firm favourite if mine ever since the Bo Bruce concerts. The room itself has an atmosphere that seems tailor made for the SAILOR vibe and the audience that night made it one of my favourite evenings of all time.
The fact that family and friends were there was terrific, but also the emergence of so many of you who have been SAILOR supporters for all these years that I have never met. Linda great to meet you at last, Eddie & Mark great to see you again. Those mad guys from Bootle; a special acknowledgement to our ever faithful German fans who are wonderful, and what about Tony Auth who changed his business plans and came all the way from Canada to see SAILOR for the first time. There were many more whom we all spoke with after the gig and I hope that in the likely event of us repeating the Bedford Christmas show this year, you will all come again."

The Bedford


  • Here's a video-clip of SAILOR live in London, UK, on 04 December 2005...
    Check out Peter, Henry, Phil and Grant playing "Karma Chameleon":
    Featuring Judd Lander on harmonica (as on the original Culture Club recording!)

    filmed by Karsten Wagner

  • And another video-clip of SAILOR live in London, UK, on 04 December 2005...
    Check out Peter, Henry, Phil and Grant playing "Open Up The Door" - played live for the first time since the 70s:

    filmed by Karsten Wagner


Henry and Phil

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Henry at the Nickelodeon

photo  by Katrin Wagner



photo  by Katrin Wagner
Peter... scaring the camera men off

Phil and Henry during "Josephine Baker"

photo  by Katrin Wagner

Grant announcing "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Phil at the Nickelodeon

Henry and Phil

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Henry and Phil...

...during "Vera From Veracruz"

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Henry and Peter

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Henry and Peter


SAILOR on stage

SAILOR during "Karma Chameleon"

photo  by Katrin Wagner

Henry and Phil


photo  by Katrin Wagner
Judd Lander and Phil during "Karma Chameleon"

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Phil and Peter during "Karma Chameleon"

Judd Lander on stage with SAILOR during "Karma Chameleon"



SAILOR on stage

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Henry and Phil at the Nickelodeon

"The maracas are out"... ;-)


The audience at the Bedford during "Nickelodeon Nights"

photo  by Katrin Wagner
The end of the show...

The songs that SAILOR played in London:

A Glass Of Champagne
Blame It On The Soft Spot
Give Me Shakespeare
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Vera From Veracruz
Josephine Baker
Traffic Jam
Mack The Knife
Karma Chameleon
The Secretary
Open Up The Door
La Cumbia
The Frozen Man
Girls Girls Girls
A Glass Of Champagne

Nickelodeon Nights

Before and after the show...

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Katrin and Peter

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Katrin with Judd Lander

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Peter and Linda

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Linda, Katrin, Eileen and Karsten ready to go on board...

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Katrin with Georg(e) Seagull

photo  by Katrin Wagner
Bill Blenman from "Sailor - The Musical
with Georg(e) Seagull

Karsten, Katrin and Linda

Katrin and Karsten together with Bill Blenman and David Mutch from "Sailor - The Musical Journey"

Karsten, Heiner and Katrin

Eileen, Katrin and Linda

Karsten, Malcolm and Eileen

Bill and David from "Sailor - The Musical Journey"

The Wagners taking a photo with Ollie Marsh ;-)

Karsten at the Nickelodeon

Malcolm and Eileen

Katrin, Henry, Peter and Phil

Bill and Phil

Dee Dee, Eddy and Henry

Mark and Henry

Tony and his girlfriend together with Grant

Henry and Malcolm

A concert review by Stephen J Hall:

SAILOR. They get even better with age. A fabulous night in London with SAILOR at their very best. It’s been a long time since SAILOR at Cleopatra’s in 1977. That was also a small gig to around 300 people, but then they were just starting out. Now almost thirty years later we get to hear so many songs from the first album (would have liked "Blue Desert" and "Let’s Go to Town") a real treat to hear "Open Up The Door".
Welcome back Henry, although he’s now twice the man he was! Still as entertaining as ever.
Some friends were with me seeing SAILOR for the first time and they can’t wait for the next time. It was so well worth the five hour drive to the gig. The best Christmas present one could want. Can’t wait for "Buried Treasure". Nothing tonight was buried, it was all out front and the boys appeared to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Personal favourites were "The Secretary", "Champagne" and "Sailor" and "Blame It On The Soft Spot".
Looks like Katrin and Karsten enjoyed themselves as well!

A concert review by Bill Blenman from "Sailor - The Musical Journey"

Hello All SAILOR Fans.
It was a great pleasure for me and David Mutch to come to London on Sunday the 4th December for a very special concert headlined by SAILOR. First I must compliment the talents of the supporting acts, firstly Tony Moore, as it was his venue he made sure that there was a very warm and friendly atmosphere. Also he is still a very talented musician and singer. Earl Okin was indeed a genius of humour and musical talent.
But of course the main event we were all there for to see the performance of SAILOR. Indeed they are a great live band.They are four of the very best talented musicians in the business, and I can see how much they individually put in to the style of their performance. After speaking to the guys afterwards, I can understand how their songs are such musical theatre style, so it is fitting that the forthcomming musical
"Sailor - The Musical Journey" that is being staged. So to all you SAILOR fans take a trip to Scotland and come and see the music of SAILOR transformed to the stage. We at Dream Maker Productions look forward to seeing you, and offer you a very warm and friendly welcome.
Best wishes to you all
Bill Blenman
Dream Maker Productions

A concert review by David Mutch from "Sailor - The Musical Journey"

I would like to echo Bill's comments on the show. I was brought up as a kid with "A Glass Of Champagne" and "Girls GirlsGirls" - little did I know I would star in musical version of the music of my childhood!
I cannot describe how good the show was. I have see a great number of shows in my time - this was, without doubt, the best live show I have ever seen.
The highlight for me was Pete's version of James Taylor's "Frozen Man" - boy is that man talented!
Apart from that, meeting Henry, Phil, Grant and Pete made me realise that real stars can be so damned humble - despite a talent that holds no bounds (note to diary, self!).
I have joined the ranks of what I now, affectionately call "Sailettes".
Thanks to Karsten, Katrin, Linda, Malcolm and Eileen for their fantastic hospitality. Thanks also to Tony - boy you keep your light under a bushel (Cutting Crew, anyone!!!! - I knew your name and face were familiar!!!).
Thankyou SAILOR - you have reconfirmed my faith in music and given me a carried spirit to perform your music from a fresh angle.
Guys - the Eastport Bar in Dunfermline awaits you before and after the show at Carnegie Hall (and they are all on me!!!!!).
David xx

A concert review by Katrin Wagner:

The big SAILOR London trip starts very early on Sunday morning, as Karsten and I have to drive to Frankfurt Main airport in the most terrible weather and leave my poor old car there at the (expensive!) car park. The next highlight after Karsten's usual "full monty" at the various airport security checks (and honestly - this never happens to me!) is our Lufthansa flight with captain Colosseus (no joke!).
In the afternoon we meet Linda at our hotel at Picadilly Circus and get ready for the concert. And here's the advice of the day: Never go on the Tube in London in a black and white pirate outfit if you don't want to be stared at...
We make it to the Bedford despite these little problems and are surprised that the first person we meet there is a fellow German SAILOR fan: Heiner. Later we meet some more nice German fans too.
While we patiently wait in front of the door to the part of the Bedford where SAILOR are going to play, as usual, we are also joined by Malcolm and Eileen, Karin and Franck from Denmark, Brian B., Brian K. and also Bill Blenman and David Mutch from the upcoming
2006 "Sailor - The Musical Journey".
Excitement in front of the door rises until we are finally allowed to go inside (thanks Ollie - great to meet you again after 10+ years ;-)) and get to our tables. As Henry later remarks, we - the Germans - indeed manage to get to the very front as usual but without bringing our beach towels! Enough luggage already for a concert like this - maracas, posters, seagulls, cameras and all these things - believe me! ;-)
The show starts at 8 pm with a great performance by Tony Moore (Cutting Crew), followed by Earl Okin. At about 9.30 pm it's finally time for SAILOR who play a very entertaining set with many of their biggest hits as well as a some enjoyable surprises like "Open Up The Door" (a first - especially for Peter Lincoln who does a marvellous job!), "Josephine Baker" with Henry Marsh on the lead vocals (wow!), "Nickelodeon Nights", "Traffic Jam" (for the first time since the 70s in the original album version!) and also a very special version of "Karma Chameleon" with Judd Lander (from original Culture Club recording) on harmonica.
The concert leaves the fans hoping for the SAILOR ship to return soon to bring us all more of that - and maybe also let us all share the long lost buried treasure! Many of the fans also buy SAILOR's Collector's Special Edition 'Buried Treasure' four track EP and are - without doubt - looking forward to hearing two previously unreleased fantastic SAILOR songs "Stereotype" and "Heart Of The Matter" from the original line-up just before their official 90s reunion - the first piece of the buried treasure that has surfaced out of the ocean near the hometown harbour where we expect the ship to arrive at any day now.
Personally I'm sorry that we don't get the chance to talk to many of the nice fans we know from the Internet after the show... Sarah, Mandy, Ken, Sven who has come all the way from Sweden, Stephen, Eddy, Mark and all you others out there.
And for all of you we have had the chance to talk to before and after the show: Great fun to meet you all, as usual - THANKS!!!
At 1.30 am a very exhausting day ends back at the hotel for us... where a funny little hoover stands right in front of our door, bearing the name "Henry" and a nice smiling face. A sign, or what?! ;-)
Our little London trip ends with another very special meeting on the next day... see
News-page for a hint on that one...
Katrin Wagner, 12 December 2005

"I'll give you another forty dollar more" - A concert review by Malcolm Knowles:

As we headed towards the gig venue in South London, I was genuinely excited to be seeing SAILOR with Henry back in the line-up. Arriving at the venue, it was no surprise to see Katrin, Karsten and Linda at the front of the queue – they had probably been there for days!! Anyway we chatted to them for a while before being joined by Bill and David - the guys who are behind "Sailor - The Musical Journey" being put on in Scotland next summer. They are both so enthusiastic about the project it would be rude not to go….and, besides, it sounds brilliant.
Entering the auditorium, it was quickly evident that this was going to be an intimate gig. The venue is a round room, with a balcony running round the top – very Shakespearian and certainly not typical of any of the pub venues I’ve been to before. After the support acts (!!) SAILOR arrived on stage and launched into "Champagne". From the opening bars, it was clear that this was going to be a special gig with every member of the band performing at their very best. Henry has always been a lively character and he has certainly brought a renewed humour and enthusiasm to the stage. I have never heard their signature tune "Sailor" played better and "The Old Nickelodeon Sound" and "Josephine Baker" were both just magical. We all had a real treat as Judd Lander, the original harmonica player on "Karma Chameleon", joined the band on stage. I had never really appreciated just how sweet that harmonica sound was on the original Culture Club single and Judd reproduced the sound again with every bit of emotion he could muster – wonderful. The surprise of the night came with "Open Up The Door" – brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. It’s amazing just how many great tracks were on that first 1974 album. Ah, the memories!!
As we finally reached the encore, I realised that this had been one of those very special "Nickelodeon Nights". Henry and Phil just work so well together. The venue layout also helped us appreciate Grant’s hard work. So often the drum kit is pushed so far back on the stage it is difficult to see him but here at the Bedford Arms we could all see the real energy he puts into a gig and appreciate what a great drummer he truly is. Can’t finish without a mention of Peter – great delivery all night and a lovely rendition of "The Frozen Man".
After the gig, it was good to see the guys stay around to chat and sign autographs. Henry was of course in particular demand but handled the various requests for photos and signatures with good humour. Welcome back Henry.
Finally, we hit the road for home. It had been a wonderful evening. I, for one, was happy that "the Full Monty" was not in the set list and if they could just add "Blue Desert" on the next outing I think everything in my world to be just about perfect.

A concert review by Tony Auth:

I actually live in Vancouver, Canada, and planned to be with my girlfriend in England for Christmas, but when I got this e-mail about the Dec 4 concert I booked a flight to London right the next day and canceled all my business meetings in December.
I had been waiting for a SAILOR concert for over 30 years. First when I lived in Munich, Germany I missed one after another, then in England last spring, when Grant wrote me by e-mail they'd be playing in Oxford. I had a flight booked back to Vancouver just 1 day before he told me and was terribly frustrated, so it had to be this time, especially with Henry being back and at a great venue like the Bedford in London.
Thanks, SAILOR, it was a phantastic experience!!! I've been to many concerts in my life, and SAILOR was among the best I've ever seen along with the Eagles and Supertramp!
It felt like meeting my lost brothers (I'm sure they didn't feel like that when they saw me) when for the first time I saw these great musicians and personalities live and just a few feet away in front of me after all those years of just knowing them from pictures and albums. I mean, their pictures were decorating my walls when I was 10, and "Trouble" was my first record I owned!
The venue and the fact that they were so nice and approachable after the concert gave it all a very warm and personal touch on top of the great music.
A wonderful night out, and I would book a flight from Vancouver to see them again any time.
Thanks to SAILOR, all their fans and the Bedford!

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