Münster, Germany - 23 October 1999

This was the very first performance of SAILOR featuring their new Nickelodeon player Anthony England, who replaced Henry Marsh.

Event: Golden Oldies '99
Location: Halle Münsterland (Grosse Halle)
Admittance: 7 pm
Beginning: 7.30 pm
Bands: Marmalade, Christie, Andy Anderson, The Rattles, Hermans Hermits, Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich, SAILOR

Photos by: Katrin Wagner, Karsten Wagner, Christel Müller, Claudia and Stephan Schlautmann, Peter Lincoln*

SAILOR's first photo in the new line-up in Münster (the town where Phil was born!):
Phil Pickett, Peter Lincoln, Anthony England and Grant Serpell

SAILOR during "Mack The Knife"

Anthony and Phil at the Nickelodeon


Anthony enjoying the "Latino Medley"

Phil and Peter during "Vera From Veracruz"

Grant during his announcement for "The Old Nickelodeon Sound"


Anthony and Phil during "Girls Girls Girls"

SAILOR during "Mack The Knife"

The songs that SAILOR played in Münster:

A Glass Of Champagne
La Cumbia
Give Me Shakespeare
One Drink Too Many
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
Mack The Knife
Vera From Veracruz
The Secretary
Cotton Eye Joe (Irish medley)
Pop Muzik
Girls Girls Girls
Catwalk Girls
Champagne Reprise

Latino Medley

Katrin and Peter in the hotel after the show

Captain Peter as a "SAILOR-model",
wearing the cap of SAILOR-fan
Andreas Boose

Katrin and Karsten together with the new SAILOR member Anthony England*

Happy fans after SAILORs performance in front of the stage:
(left to right:) Ute, Michael, Claudia, Katrin, Karsten, Andreas and Christel

More than 2000 fans celebrated in a great party mood
Young Oldies kept on rocking

(...) At first they served "A Glass Of Champagne" and performed with their famous hammering piano sounds. Then they continued with a mixture of rock / pop, folk, Brecht/Weil material and waltz. But wasn´t there more?? - Yes: It was almost 2 o´clock when "Girls Girls Girls", one of the last hits of this evening - the chorus partly changed into "Boys Boys Boys" - could be heard. They made good music for everybody. Meanwhile the agreement is: next year we will repeat this Oldie night!

The text next to the photo of Peter:
In spite of the fact that it was very late the musicians continued their great show: The band SAILOR was the highlight of the festival.

On the left photo you can see the SAILOR fans Andreas, Katrin, Claudia and Stephan with their SAILOR posters and maracas during "La Cumbia". The text next to the fan-photo says:
The fans were obviously in a good mood during the long nostalgic night. The true fans in front of the stage were well-prepared for their favourite bands with posters.

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