Anthony England

Anthony England, the successor of Henry Marsh who left SAILOR because of professionnal reasons, joined SAILOR in October 1999.

In May 2001 he was replaced by Rob Alderton (see below).


A few weeks ago, and after one of the best ever performances in SAILOR's entire career- at Paaren on 30 April, a genuinely distraught Anthony England informed the band finally that due to overbearing theatre commitments he regrettably could not continue performing his SAILOR duties.
Although Peter Grant and Phil were incredibly sorry to lose him ( he is a lovely man, brilliant musician and really "fitted-in") they appreciated his honesty in making a very hard choice- eventually coming down in favour of what obviously promises to be a diamond-bright future as a musical director par excellence ! (Anthony was MD on Phil & Henry's first Musical "Casper" so they know first hand just how great he is!)
SAILOR all wish him extremely well - as will I am sure many of the fans who saw Anthony in action -- Good Luck Anthony!
However - and this brings us to very exciting news - the legendary SAILOR good fortune in times of adversity has scored yet another triumph, this time in the shape of prodigious musical talent -
Rob Alderton....Welcome to one of the greatest and most unique bands of all time.......SAILOR !!!!!
Phil, Peter, Grant

The following text about Anthony is taken from the programme of "Casper - The Musical" (composers: Henry Marsh and Phil Pickett, production musical director: Anthony England) 1999 / 2000:

Anthony has played the piano and keyboards for countless engagements, shows and sessions. He works as a freelance player, arranger and producer.
Anthony has been musical director for "Casper", "The Mask" and "Spider-Man".
As a result of working with Henry Marsh and Phil Pickett Anthony has become the newest member of the group "SAILOR".
In February 1999 Anthony was honoured to be musical director for "A Royal Gala" at The Wimbeldon Theatre and later on in the year toured as a musical director for Mark Rattray (Star of "Lanza").
Anthony's previous credits include "What A Feeling", "Barnum" and "42nd St" and in 1996 Anthony was musical director in Los Angeles for the American comedy film "The Isle Of Lesbos" where he also produced the original cast album.
Over Christmas and the Millennium Anthony is musical director for "Cincerella" at the Kings Theatre, Edinburgh.

SAILOR's first photo with Anthony, made in Münster in October 1999:
(left to right:) Phil Pickett, Peter Lincoln, Anthony England, Grant Serpell

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