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New single: "Estepona"

Here's the new SAILOR limited edition CD single "Estepona"!
The song was written by Phil Pickett about his favourite town in Spain and recorded in 2001.

The limited edition CD single "Estepona"

is available for 15 Euros including postage and packing at
Sailor Club
Suite 430
266 Banbury Road
Oxford OX2 7DL



Here's the new band picture, made by Barry Ryan:


's new Nickelodeon

Yes, it's true, SAILOR have got a new Nickelodeon which they first used at their show in Wolfsburg (Germany) on 03 November 2001. It was designed by SAILOR's sound engineer and tour manager Graham Naylor. Here you can see the first pictures of it:




November 2001

Photo by Brian BayleySAILOR played to a packed sold-out show at Aylesbury Civic Centre as "Very Special Guests" of Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel on 14 November 2001.
The evening was a fantastic success for SAILOR, being their first major concert in the UK for over 25 years, with many fans travelling the length and breadth of the UK to see their heroes in the flesh !
It was a very happy and emotional occasion for so many who never have the opportunity to see SAILOR live, and there was an exceptionally brilliant atmosphere on stage and from the audience, who appeared to love every minute of it ! Steve Harley also loved the show but only allowed SAILOR to play for 45 minutes !
Later, the Theatre informed Peter, Grant,Rob and Phil that over 80% of the tickets had been sold to SAILOR fans and have consequently invited SAILOR to play their very own concert some time next year. This will be a classic opportunity to perform many other original SAILOR songs from "SAILOR" "Trouble" "Third Step" "Hideaway" "Dressed For Drowning" etc repertoire, that sadly cannot be usually played at their many other concerts in Europe, where they normally appear with several other acts.
We will keep all the fans informed of when this date will be, and maybe even plan for fans from Germany, Holland, Denmark etc to come over for this Special Concert - for what promises to be the best and most complete SAILOR Show ever !!
Phil, Grant, Rob and Peter - 16 November 2001



Rob's biography...

Rob AldertonFor all of you who want to get to know more about SAILOR's brand new Nickelodeon player, unbelievable accordionist, ex-SAILOR fan and supremely gifted all-round musician and vocalist Rob Alderton:

Click here to read Rob's biography

Happy reading!

Special thanx to Rob for sending us his biography!!!


New mailing address for :

Sailor Club
Suite 430
266 Banbury Road
Oxford OX2 7DL




EclectionEclection released on CD

Eclection released their album "Eclection" in 1968.
The band consisted of Georg Hultgreen [Kajanus]: vocals, guitars / Trevor Lucas, bass guitar, vocals / Gerry Conway: drums, vocals / Kerrilee Male: vocals / Michael Rosen: vocals, guitars, trumpet
The album includes the songs:
In Her Mind, Nevertheless, Violett Dew, Will Tomorrow Be The Same, Still I Can See, In The Early Days, Another Time Another Place, Morning Of Yesterday, Betty Brown, St. Georg And The Dragon (Up The Night), Confusion
All songs written by Georg Hultgreen except "Nevertheless", "St. Georg And The Dragon (Up The Night)" and "Confusion" by Michael Rosen

On 18 September 2001 the album "Eclection" was released on CD in the USA by the Collector's Choice label.
The label's website is

Here's what they wrote about Eclection on their website:
One of (if not THE) great lost folk-rock records of the '60s. Eclection was composed of bassist Trevor Lucas and drummer Gerry Conway, later of Fairport Convention; lead songwriter Georg Hultgreen, later of SAILOR; guitarist Michael Rosen and lead vocalist Kerrilee Male; together they made, well, eclectic music, reminiscent at times of the Mamas & Papas and even early Airplane (as Elektra founder Jac Holzman declares in the notes we've added, "I loved that group!"). Nevertheless, the album sunk like a stone, but it remains highly-prized among '60s collectors; it resurfaces here for the first time in 30 years with quotes from Conway in the notes as well. An obscure but highly worthy Collectors' Choice Music exclusive!

Go to the Related Recordings-section for further information about Eclection!!

Thanks to Gary Diamond, Denver, USA!!



GringoGringo released on CD

Did any of you out there know that the "Gringo" album from 1971 featuring Henry Marsh was released on CD in 2000 by the "Audio Archives" label?
Well, we didn't know it either, but it is true!
The band "Gringo" consisted of Henry Marsh: guitar, keyboards, vocals / Simon Byrne: drums, vocals / Casey: vocals / John G. Perry: bass, vocals
The CD includes the songs: Cry The Beloved Country, Im Another Man, More And More, Our Time Is Our Time, Gently Step Through The Stream, Emma And Harry, Moonstone, Land Of Who Knows Where, Patriotic Song
+ 2 bonus tracks: "I'm Another Man" (single version) and "Soft Mud".

You can get the CD of "Gringo" online at:
for 60,95 DM
for 14.99


Go to the Related Recordings-section for further information about Gringo!!

Thanks to Norbert Lorenz, Hamburg, Germany!!




New band member Rob Alderton:

SAILOR in Rotenburg: Grant, Rob, Phil and PeterDate: 18 May 2001

SAILOR have just come off stage in Rotenburg to a huge ovation (ask "Marinero"and many other fans who were there at yet another famous "milestone" in the band's history) having performed with their brand new Nickelodeon player- unbelievable accordionist, ex-SAILOR fan and supremely gifted all-round musician and vocalist ...
Rob Alderton.
A few weeks ago, and after one of the best ever performances in SAILOR's entire career- at Paaren on 30 April, a genuinely distraught Anthony England informed the band finally that due to overbearing Rob
theatre commitments he regrettably could not continue performing his SAILOR duties.
Although Peter Grant and Phil were incredibly sorry to lose him ( he is a lovely man, brilliant musician and really "fitted-in") they appreciated his honesty in making a very hard choice- eventually coming down in favour of what obviously promises to be a diamond-bright future as a musical director par excellence ! (Anthony was MD on Phil & Henry's first Musical "Casper" so they know first hand just how great he is!)
SAILOR all wish him extremely well - as will I am sure many of the fans who saw Anthony in action -- Good Luck Anthony!
However - and this brings us to very exciting news - the legendary SAILOR good fortune in times of adversity has scored yet another triumph, this time in the shape of prodigious musical talent - Rob Alderton....Welcome to one of the greatest and most unique bands of all time.......SAILOR !!!!!
(Rob's biography details to follow)
Phil, Peter, Grant - May 2001

  • Here's a short video-clip of SAILOR live in Rotenburg an der Fulda, Germany, on 18 May 2001...
    Check out a short piece of the first concert with new band member Rob Alderton and Peter, Phil and Grant playing "A Glass Of Champagne", "Girls Girls Girls" and "The Old Nickelodeon Sound":
    filmed by Katrin Wagner


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