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High Wycombe - 16 November 2002

HIGH WYCOMBE - photos  by Uli Neumann

Ahoy everybody,
very special concert at the Swan Theatre (Town Hall) in High Wycombe, UK on 16 November 2002 - their first "headline" show in the UK for over 25 years - was a great success. The show was filmed for an official release on DVD which fans will be able order via for early delivery in 2003.
Special thanks to all the lovely fans from England, Holland, Germany, Denmark etc. for comming and making this evening so special, and thanks for all those nice conversations, photos, comments about the MARINERO website etc.!! It was so nice to meet you all!! - All the marvellous fans made it a night to remember!!
If any of you have some more nice photos, reviews or anything else to share with all of us, just let us know via eMail.
Special thanks to Uli Neumann for the very first photos, less than 24 hours after the show! Also many thanks to Malcolm Knowles, Sarah Kendall, Karin Christiansen and James McCarraher for the photos, and to Steve and Martin!
~ The MARINERO crew

04 December 2002:

And here it is...

High Wycombe - The Band's Perspective
Greetings From Home Port...

SAILOR, Grant Rob Peter and Phil, were all initially very nervous about attempting such a large venture in the UK - their own 'Headline' concert, and at the same time arranging to have the first ever 'Live In Concert' DVD filmed by Angel Air at the November 16 2002 Show at the Swan Theatre in High Wycombe.
As soon as we walked out on stage however all those fears quickly sank to the bottom of the ocean, the response from SAILOR's loyal and devoted fans, some of whom travelled from all over Europe and the 4 corners of the UK being absolutely fantastic. From the very first note of SAILOR's now famous Overture going into "Champagne"...the atmosphere was simply electric on stage!
'Naylorman' - our trusty "Flex, Plugs and Rock and Roll-meister" and Rob, who had built the elaborate and highly atmospheric set entirely with his own bare hands, (ably accompanied by his charming partner Anna, sewing mistress supremo!) were at the venue very early setting everything up. By the time Peter Grant and Phil arrived at around 11.30am, one or two technical problems had ensured the day was not going to go all that smoothly, and as everyone involved knew how important this was for us, the temperature started to go up more than a few degrees!
But as usual the crew and several helpers and 'palm-tree preeners' just about made it in time for SAILOR's performance, although the band had no time at all to run through the many cues necessary for the camera crew and production staff who were only going to get one stab at it - The actual performance itself! So when we went on everyone was pretty "wired-up," but as the Concert progressed it became more and more enjoyable, particularly in the performance of material never before played by the current line-up of SAILOR, and indeed for over 25 years!
Meeting everyone afterwards at the After Show Party was also a delight, especially as we now knew we had something very special on DVD already "in the can." The producer of the video told us it was one of the best things he's ever filmed including all the interviews etc and couldn't wait to get back to his studio to start assembling the final package. Our new PR representatives, Wharts and Hall, also confirmed that press and media interest was running very high indeed, and that concert reviews would be *****
The best news for SAILOR however came from a large number of fans who had seen the group perform over many years since the 1970's all of whom confirming what at least Phil and Grant had suspected, that although always having been undeniably a terrific and unique live band, the 'present' SAILOR was by far the most musical, entertaining and theatrical line-up they had ever enjoyed.
SAILOR would therefore now like to sincerely thank everyone wholeheartedly for supporting us, - especially those that came such long distances, and also to say that this particular "SAILORs Night On The Town" was one of the most special evenings ever and really meant a lot to us.
We do hope to be able to do something again next year along similar lines and if we keep getting the kind of ecstatic reviews and e-mails so far received about the show, SAILOR will feel very confident about doing it all over again!
See you all just after Christmas, at New Year in Mainz, and throughout 2003.
Bon Voyage

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An article taken from "Bild der Frau" issue 49, 02 December 2002:
Phil & Grant from "SAILOR": "We keep on singing for all girls"

Only two members of the original SAILOR line-up (above, 1975) are still in the band: Phil Pickett (big photo on the left) and Grant Serpell (big photo on the right).
"Girls Girls Girls" and "A Glass Of Champagne" were their greatest hits: four English guys in sailor-outfits with funny sing-along-melodies - those were (and are) "SAILOR"! Two of them are still in the band: Phil Pickett (56, keyboard, songwriter) and Grant Serpell (56, drums, sometimes chemistry teacher). New are Peter Lincoln (46, lead vocals) and Rob Alderton (36). Phil: "Our first live album "SAILOR - Live In Berlin" is selling very well. Most of our fans are from Germany." The Ex-SAILORs Georg Kajanus (56) and Henry Marsh (54) are now working as solo artists.



New Affinity CD: Live Instrumentals 1969

New Affinity CD: Live Instrumentals 1969On 13 January 2003 a new Affinity CD named "Live Instrumentals 1969" will be released on Angel Air Records. The line-up of Affinity was: Grant Serpell: drums / Mo Foster: bass / Mike Jopp: guitars / Linda Hoyle: vocals / Lynton Naiff: Keyboards.
The "Live Instrumentals 1969" songs were recorded before the first official album release in 1970 when vocalist Linda Hoyle had an operation. During her absence the other four band members played instrumental music at Ronnie Scott's Club in London. The first nine tracks on this CD were recorded by the four-piece at the club in January 1969. An extra four tracks are taken from an FM radio broadcast and the final tracks features the University of Sussex Jazz Trio, which was an early incarnation of Affinity.
The "Live Instrumentals 1969" CD includes the songs: Jive Samba, Dis Here, Comin' Home Baby, Out Of The Storm, Fever, 13 Death March, All Blues, 81, A Day In the Life. Bonus Tracks - Radio Broadcast: All Blues, 81, Mercy Mercy Mercy, Jive Samba, On Green Dolphin Street (credited to University of Sussex Jazz trio, an early version of Affinity).
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Thanks for this information to Norbert Lorenz, Hamburg, Germany!!

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SAILOR 2002A little newsletter from the Harbour Bar!
19 October 2002:

SAILOR really can't wait for the special UK Concert at High Wycombe and are very confident that surprises being planned and the staging of the show will delight the many fans that are travelling, not only from all over the UK - but from all around the world to catch this very special Concert from SAILOR - their first proper "Headline" Show in the UK for over 25 years!
A couple of important points: Fans will definitely not be able to video or tape the show and the venue will be very strict about this. However the performance is being (discreetly!) filmed for an official release on DVD + current band interviews including special old footage etc. which fans will be able order via for early delivery in 2003.
We are also sorry but we cannot accept any more requests for "After-Show" SAILOR Party tickets as our office tells us we have completely sold out! Sorry to all of you who may have missed out but the venue is only licenced for a certain number which has now been exceeded.
Finally, thank you for all your fine work on MARINERO - it really is one of the best sites around and very valuable for exchanging news and views from our many friends around the globe. Also fantastic to hear of Henry's successes recently and everyone in SAILOR wish him well and lots of luck in his new ventures....
See you all on the 16th November 2002!!!!!!!! (or Zwickau next week!)
Love from



Henry Marsh - photo by Michael Wilken - Stop Press -
News from Henry Marsh

Finally we have got some great news from one of the former SAILOR members:
Henry Marsh has been nominated for the "Jefferson Award" for best musical composition for the play "As You Like It" in Chicago. He is the only composer in the history of these awards to be nominated for every show that he has composed for. Also he has won the award on one occasion.
"As You Like It" was played at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre in earyl 2002. The play got a lot of great reviews which you can check out at Henry's personal page at MARINERO: Just
click here!!
And there's more to come: Henry is also writing the music for "Hollywood Be Thy Name", the Story of the Warner Brothers, and he has just launched his own Video Production company.
Watch this place for more information soon.....!



Special "In Concert" UK show

High Wycombe
16 November 2002

To all SAILOR fans...

We are pleased to inform that following the huge succeses of their recent UK Shows at Aylesbury and Newbury and also to celebrate the forthcoming official releases of "SAILOR - Live in Berlin" and "Buried Treasure" on Angel Air Records, our nautical heroes are returning to headline their own spectacular Show, and hereby invite you and your friends to: -

"A SAILOR's Night On The Town"

Kiel (Germany) - 20 October 2001

- a very special and unique evening of SAILOR Musical Magic, and the Best Glam-Rock 70's Party Night Out Ever! SAILOR will be performing not only all of their wonderful hits with their own stage set, but many forgotten masterpieces not performed by them since that era (..if they can remember that far back!)
with Special Guest, Chip Hawkes of The Tremeloes.
Definitely not to be missed!


Date and Location:
16th November 2002 at 7.45 pm, at
The Swan Theatre, High Wycombe (near London)

After-Show Party
Later SAILOR will be hosting their own After-Show Party to meet and greet, sign autographs, answer questions...All things considered!

DRESS: Strictly Glam-Rock 70's!

...will go on sale in August via credit card hotline but are expected to sell out before then SO ORDER NOW!
The ticket price is 16.50 and (due to having to hire a venue) 2.50 per guest for the After-Show Party.

Please order your tickets via e-mail (let us know approx. how many of each you will require for Show and After-Show) and send a cheque or cash payable to "Sailor Ltd", to :-
Sailor Ltd, Suite 430, 266 Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford OX2 7DL, UK.

** Payment in Euros can only be accepted in cash due to high costs, and tickets are 25 Euros (+ 5 Euros for After-Show)

Order your tickets ASAP to avoid disappointment!!

We hope to see as many of you there as possible (especially our German, Scandinavian and Benelux fans) and we promise it will be a "SAILOR-tastic" night to remember!!! (Can advise on accomodation)

Tell all your friends and see you at The Swan Theatre!!

Very best wishes from
Grant, Rob, Peter and Phil


PS: News soon of e-mail address to order ALL SAILOR back-catalogue recordings on CD!!!
In the meantime "SAILOR - Live in Berlin" CD still available by sending cash or cheque (payable to Sailor Ltd) to address above. 15 inc. P&P (25 Euros Cash - no cheques please).



New greatest hits compilation

On 16 September 2002 this new greatest hits compilation simply named "Sailor" was released by Delta Music GmbH (a label of Sony Special Products).

All songs were recorded by the original line-up: Georg Kajanus, Henry Marsh, Grant Serpell and Phil Pickett.

The CD inlcudes the songs:
A Glass Of Champagne, Girls Girls Girls, Sailor's Night On The Town, One Drink Too Many, Trouble In Hong Kong, The Old Nickelodeon Sound, Romance, Let's Go To Town, All I Need Is A Girl, Cool Breeze, Josephine Baker, Put Your Mouth Where The Money Is, Sailor, Stiletto Heels

Well, actually this isn't really "new" because two other greatest hits albums have already been released by Sony Music in 1990 and 2001 including the same songs. There's only one difference because the other two albums included 16 songs, this one has got 14 songs on it. ("Traffic Jam" and "The Runaway" are missing.) That makes us wonder what record companies think when they again release the same songs with yet another cover or if they think anything at all, doesn't it...!? But it's still a very interesting collector's item.

Thanks for this information to Norbert Lorenz, Hamburg, Germany!!

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Live In Berlin

The "Live In Berlin" album is re-released by Angel Air Records on 02 September 2002!!

CD: Angel Air SJPCD122

The "Live In Berlin" album was recorded in the line-up Peter Lincoln (guitars, charango, lead vocals), Henry Marsh (Nickelodeon, accordion, vocals, lead vocals on "Stay The Night"), Grant Serpell (drums, percussion, vocals) and Phil Pickett (bass Nickelodeon, vocals, lead vocals on "Mack The Knife").
The CD includes the songs:
A Glass Of Champagne, La Cumbia, Give Me Shakespeare, One Drink Too Many, Blame It On The Soft Spot, The Old Nickelodeon Sound, Mack The Knife, The Secretary, Stay The Night, Traffic Jam, Panama, Vera From Veracruz, La Bamba Medley, Girls Girls Girls, Pop Muzik - Ghostbusters Medley, Champagne Reprise.

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Interview with Georg Kajanus in "Turn! Turn! Turn!"

'Turn! Turn! Turn!: The '60s Folk-Rock Revolution', written by Richie Unterberger, has just been published. This 300-page book is the first volume of the first comprehensive history of one of the greatest movements in rock music, drawing on first-hand interviews with more than 100 musicians, producers, managers, and journalists.
For additional information regarding "Turn! Turn! Turn!: The '60s Folk-Rock Revolution" or to send questions or comments about the book, visit Richie Unterberger's website at, to view complete transcripts of his interviews with folk-rock and cult rock musicians from the past few years; sample excerpts of chapters from his books; links to other websites of interest to folk-rock, cult rock and '60s rock enthusiasts; and updates on his current and future projects.
PEOPLE INTERVIEWED FOR "TURN! TURN! TURN!": (...) Georg Kajanus - Eclection, Gerry Conway - Eclection (...)"

Thanks for this information to Gary Diamond, USA!!


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