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Thankyou all for your support during the whole of 2009. We hope you continue to enjoy the SAILOR club website. Please keep coming back to us here at in 2010!

Watch some of the best and funniest SAILOR live moments 2009:



The boys wish all SAILOR fans a very Happy Christmas and lots of happiness and good music in the New Year!

Lots of love from
Nick x
Grant x
Henry x
& Phil x

...And we look forward to seeing you at one of our increasing number of shows throughout 2010 (and at Neubrandenburg on New Year's Eve!!!)



01 December 2009:

New official band photo

Best wishes and SAILOR-greetings,
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October 2009:

Here's a special greeting from - Grant, Nick, Phil and Henry - for the fans and visitors of this homepage:



30 August 2009:

on TV...

Last Friday, SAILOR performed at the TV show "Die Aktuelle Schaubude - NDR Sommertour" on German NDR television. The show was already recorded in Quakenbrück (Germany) on 14 July 2009. It was the first TV show with Captain Nick Parvin.

  • Here's the video of SAILOR playing "La Cumbia". Check out Nick, Henry, Phil and Grant at the TV show "Die Aktuelle Schaubude":

  • And also... "Girls Girls Girls":

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05 July 2009:

live in Berlin (Germany) 04 July 2009
*** Welcome back Grant!! ***

Grant Serpell is finally back in SAILOR after a serious hand-injury earlier this year that had stopped him from playing for several months. Last weekend Grant returned to the stage at SAILOR's concert in Berlin.
Welcome back Grant!!!

You can now see new photos and some video impressions of the SAILOR concert in Berlin, Germany, on 04 July 2009 at the Concert Photos-section.

Click here for the new SAILOR concert photos and videos from Berlin!

  • Here are some video-impressions of SAILOR live in Berlin, Germany, on 04 July 2009...
    Check out a short piece of Nick, Henry, Phil and Grant playing "Girls Girls Girls", "Give Me Shakespeare", "The Old Nickelodeon Sound", "Vera From Veracruz", "Karma Chameleon", "The Secretary" and "A Glass Of Champagne":
    filmed by Katrin Wagner ©

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25 June 2009:

All 70s albums are finally available on CD now!!
Plus singles and B-sides...

Get the CDs "Sailor / Trouble", "The Third Step / "Checkpoint" and "Hideaway"

And you can also get the CDs at and other online shops.

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30 May 2009:

News and updates

  • You can now see the photos of the SAILOR concert in Weisswasser, Germany, on 23 May 2009 at the Concert Photos-section
    This was the first SAILOR concert with
    Nick Parvin. Welcome aboard to our new captain!!
    Grant Serpell was injured around the time of this event, so that he wasn't able to play. He was replaced by Henry's son: Thomas Marsh. Thanks Tom, great job!!
    Due to an unusually strict photo and video prohibition at this concert we have only got a few photos for you this time, but no videos.
    Anyway, to all fans: Please go and see one of the next concerts of SAILOR with Nick, Henry, Phil and Grant if you can. You won't regret it!

  • And... All SAILOR fans will be glad to hear that, in addition to the CD "Sailor / Trouble" that was released last year, you will soon be able to get "The Third Step", "Checkpoint" and "Hideaway" on CD, along with other rare bonus songs.
    Cherry Red Records is about to release these original SAILOR 70s albums, single versions and B-sides on CD later this year. Some of them have never been released on CD before.
    There will be two CDs:
    - "The Third Step / Checkpoint"
    - "Hideaway Expanded"
    along with songs like "All I Need Is A Girl", "Copacabana", "The Runaway", the single version of "Give Me Shakespeare" and the single version of "Down By The Docks".
    You will soon be abler to order at
    And you can already pre-order the CDs at and other online shops.
    Watch this space for details...!

Best wishes and SAILOR-greetings,
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22 May 2009:

New singer: Nick Parvin

Here we go...

*** As promised last week, SAILOR is very proud to announce its new lead singer and guitarist today.
He is Nick Parvin.
Based in Kent in South East England, Nick has been playing music for as long as he can remember. A long lasting love of all things musical has seen Nick play in many bands and in many styles. The 90s saw him playing a lot of funk and acid jazz leading eventually to securing a recording deal with his Indie/Rock band Silverstone. This period is where he learned the art of music production and song-writing and then went on to write music for BBC and Channel 4 television. Nick has since been playing and singing live with his corporate function band Mojomachine which has taken him all over the UK and Europe. He is delighted to have been asked to join SAILOR as remembers vividly watching the band appear on 'Top Of The Pops' in 1976 and wondering just exactly what that ‘Piano Contraption’ was!
After many weeks of rehearsals he now knows!
Tomorrow, SAILOR fans in Weisswasser, Germany (near Poland!) will be able to meet Nick and see (and hear) exactly for themselves why Henry, Grant and Phil are incredibly lucky to have found such a great singer, extremely talented musician, all-round lovely guy and 'damned fine-looking chap' to join them in SAILOR and someone who has already been dubbed "SAILOR's New Nick!" ***
Text and photo from © - many thanks!

Welcolme aboard Nick!!!

After the weekend you will, of course, be able to see the first concert photos of SAILOR featuring their new Nick! ;-)

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14 May 2009:

This homepage is 10 years old today...
14.05.1999 - 14.05.2009

Thanks to all SAILORs, friends and fans for supporting and visiting this homepage in the last 10 years. I hope you will continue to enjoy this place here in the future!
~Katrin (Webmaster)



01 May 2009:

A New Old-Fashioned Retro Modern Thing featuring ex-SAILOR Rob Alderton

I'd like to introduce you to this extraordinary new band founded by former SAILOR member Rob Alderton. Their first album was just released last month, and their music is somewhere between the 1950s and the 1970s, including a lot of fun and emotions.
If you like handmade music and songs that tell a story, you will certainly also like these this band and the 15 songs on their first album. The webmaster recommends:

"The Retroverts: A New Old-Fashioned Retro Modern Thing...
With an original catalogue of songs, this ‘little big band’ revisits the musical styles of the 1950s to the 1970s. Some songs are reminiscent of the great crooners such as Bing Crosby or Dean Martin, while others are more akin to the sound of bands like The Carpenters. Memorable melodies, drawing on Swing, Jazz, Blues and Rock & Roll, with whimsical words, create a subtle humour throughout.
Fronting The Retroverts is Harriet Green, who has wowed audiences at recent performances with her mesmerizing vocal tone, mature interpretation and effortless phrasing. Band leader, Rob Alderton’s skill as a pianist has led him to perform throughout the world with artists such as Sir Cliff Richard and in West End shows including Les Misérables and Joseph.
Come and be a part of the Retroverts experience and discover the Retrovert in you!"

If you're interested in a copy of the album, please e-mail me to

Best wishes and SAILOR-greetings,
~ Katrin
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09 April 2009:

live in Heide (Germany) 03 April 2009

You can now see new photos and some video impressions of the SAILOR concert in Heide, Germany, on 03 April 2009 at the Concert Photos-section
Special thanks must go to SAILOR fan Uli Neumann who had made the Event possible together with Klaus Stotzem, the owner of the car-dealership where it all happened. It was great to see so many people in the audience dressed as sailors. A special idea of Mr. Stotzem which made it all a fun night as well.
Grant Serpell was injured around the time of this event, so that he wasn't able to play. He was replaced by Henry's son/Oliver's brother: Thomas Marsh. Tom did a fantastic job and we're very thankful for his help and very impressed by his playing. Thanks Tom!!
This was the last SAILOR concert with
Oliver Marsh who leaves the band to pursue his career in opera. We wish Ollie all the best and thank him for 30 great months of SAILOR music and fun!!

Click here for the new SAILOR concert photos and videos from Heide!

  • Here's a video of SAILOR live in Heide, Germany, on 03 April 2009...
    Check out Oliver, Henry, Phil and Tom playing the greatest hits: "
    A Glass Of Champagne", "Girls Girls Girls", "The Old Nickelodeon Sound", "The Secretary" and "La Cumbia":
    filmed by Karsten Wagner ©

  • And another bit of SAILOR live in Heide... Check out Oliver, Henry, Phil and Tom playing "Vera From Veracruz":
    filmed by Karsten Wagner ©

  • This is a rare thing: Henry and Phil singing "Blue Desert". (And by the way: The 12-string-guitar on the backing track was provided by Georg Kajanus!):
    filmed by Katrin Wagner ©

  • And here's SAILOR's finale live in Heide, Germany, on 03 April 2009... Check out Oliver's last "Con Te Partirò" and the "Champagne Reprise":
    filmed by Karsten Wagner ©

Best wishes and SAILOR-greetings,
~ Katrin
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30 March 2009:

Grant Serpell injured - replaced by Thomas Marsh at the April and May concerts!

I've just talked to Grant who has a bad hand-injury at the moment, due to an accident. He wasn't able to play at the two gigs last weekend, and he won't be able to play at the gigs this weekend either.
He was and will be replaced for a couple of concerts by Henry's son/Oliver's brother: Thomas Marsh.
Tom already was on stage with SAILOR last weekend and did a fantastic job, as I was told!
We send our best wishes to Grant for a speedy recovery. Get well soon, Schlagzeuger!!!

Best wishes and SAILOR-greetings,
~ Katrin
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07 March 2009:


Available now:
Henry Marsh's new CD
"A Midsummer Night's Dream"

The new CD by Henry Marsh

"A Midsummer Night's Dream"

is now available for purchase.

Go to the "Buy Music" page
to order your copy of the album!

Following on from the success of Henry's first album, "The Other Side Of The Ocean", we are proud to announce the release of his second solo album, "A Midsummer Night's Dream".
Henry scored the music to this 2004 production, which received high praise from all corners of the musical and theatrical world and earned Henry a coveted Jefferson Award Nomination.
The CD includes the songs:
Prologue, Lover's Theme, Higher Than The Moon, Norebo's Carnival, Proud Titania!, Puck & Oberon Plot, Lullaby, Titania and Bottom's Theme, Entr'Acte, Puck & Oberon Plot (Again), House Of Mirrors, Celebration (After Wedding Entrance), Now Until The Break Of Day. (All compositions copyright Henry Marsh.)

How to order the album:

Best wishes and SAILOR-greetings,
~ Katrin
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07 March 2009:

In Concert
Heide 2009
Don't miss SAILOR's headline concert in Heide, Germany on 03 April 2009!!

Date and Location:
03 April 2009 at 8.00 pm, at the
Autohaus Stotzem, Heide, Germany

On 03 April 2009 SAILOR will play a very special headline concert in Heide (Germany). The event is presented by "Stotzem-Together" and will take place at the Autohaus Stotzem, Süderdamm 1-3, 25746 Heide, Germany.
Admittance: 7 pm
Beginning: 8 pm
Tickets are available at all Stotzem-dealerships or via phone at 0481/6800-0. Ticket price 20,00 Euro.
SAILOR will play in the line up with Oliver Marsh, Henry Marsh, Phil Pickett and Grant Serpell. We hope to see many other fans there!
Here's a newspaper article promoting the concert:

Popgroup "SAILOR" at Stotzem
Concert at "Süderdamm" latest highligh in the "Stotzem Together" concert-series

Heide: These news are old news: "Girls Girls Girls" and "A Glass Of Champagne" were superhits in the 1970s and SAILOR was the band.
These news are new: SAILOR is coming to Heide.
Skilfully, the british pop-band knew how to play and to the gallery: With white sailor-caps and sailor-outfit in proper style, they thrilled their fans.
In 1979 the band split up, but in the beginning of the 90s they had their comeback with "The Secretary" among others.
Since then, the band has remained well known in pop-business - and espacially on Oldie Festivals - a big attraction.
Not only because of SAILOR, "Stotzem together" at the Volkswagen dealership at the "Süderdamm" is an event not to miss. Before SAILOR, "Curtis in Memphis" is going to put the heat to the audience. When lead-singer Thomas Gätje starts to perform Elvis-Songs it seems if Elvis sang himself.
After the performance of the pop-heroes SAILOR, "Curtis in Memphis" want to enter the stage again to invite the audiance to the after-show-party.
"Curtis in Memphis" and SAILOR as double-concert, no doubt this is a real hit! Car dealer Klaus Stotzem almost has to be calmed down when he starts to be crazy about the two bands. He is noticably heavily thrilled about the two bands.
"We invented an additional gag", said Stotzem, "people who come to the concert in sailor-costumes will receive a service voucher for their cars."
How will the Stotzem-crew be dressed that night? Be surprised... 3rd of April, Partytime at Stotzem, a date not to miss.
An important notice: There will be a lot of space in the Volkwagen dealership at the "Süderdamm", but tickets are limited. Presale just began, the entry-fee is affordable. TIckets are available at all dealerships of the Stotzem-group.
Reservation via phone ++49 (0) 481 6800-0



27 February 2009:

Message from Georg Kajanus:

As published on today:

"I've had many emails and general inquiries asking me if I will be rejoining SAILOR in 2009. For the sake of SAILOR's devotees, I feel that I should let you all know that I will not be taking the helm again. After meeting up with the other members of the band recently, it became clear that my creative vision of SAILOR was incompatible with the direction the band wants to pursue. However, as always, I wish SAILOR all the best for the future.
For those of you who are interested in my current creative activities, I'm now rewriting my SAILOR musical with the assistance of a professional playwright. This is an expansion of my original musical theatre concept that effectively became the group SAILOR in the 1970s, with the addition of several brand new songs that I’ve composed that were inspired by some new plot twists. Please keep an eye on and for the latest news about this and other projects.



21 February 2009:

Announcement from about their future...

Just in... newsletter from SAILOR:

"SAILOR are looking forward to announcing their new lead singer who will be appearing with the band from the end of April 2009. Rehearsals are going very well and we are very excited about the future and particularly about the creative possibilities our new vocalist will bring to the party. More details to follow very soon.
However in the meantime, Oliver Marsh has kindly agreed to resume his role as lead singer for a limited period only for the first few shows from the end of March and early April in the UK, Holland and Germany to enable the band to fully rehearse the new SAILOR production for 2009 and beyond.
The band are extremely grateful to have Ollie on board for a few more shows. After these shows are completed we will be officially announcing our new singer.
2009 promises to be a very exciting and busy year and we look forward to seeing all you very soon!


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