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There is no present contact address for the band SAILOR, as they haven't performed since May 2014. But you can reach current SAILOR singer Oliver Marsh via this website for booking requests etc.!

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This homepage is dedicated to all present and past line-ups and members of SAILOR - the unique band with the Nickelodeon (songs: "Girls Girls Girls", "A Glass Of Champagne", "The Secretary", "La Cumbia", "Traffic Jam", "One Drink Too Many"...) - and their related projects.
It's created and maintained by Katrin Wagner (Germany), with support of original and successional band members.
Here you can find the latest news, concert dates, concert photos, videos and many many other information about SAILOR between 1973 and today. Enjoy your journey!
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50 years of - 1974-2024
Happy anniversary!

through the years:

SAILOR - 1973 - 2017Question: What's got eight legs, short hair, strange theatrical clothing, no electric guitar, a Nickelodeon (what's that ?!), a street lamp, a portable harbour town and dares to call itself a band?
Well, the answer may begin with a folklore tale, seldom told, of the nightclub "Le Matelot" in Paris. But in reality the musicians Georg Kajanus and Phil Pickett who'd already known each other from their first musical projects were joined by Henry Marsh, formally guitarist and keyboard player with the band "Gringo" and Grant Serpell, drummer with the cult jazz-rock phenomenon "Affinity" to form SAILOR in 1973.
Those who remember the early 1970s may well remember it as an area recovering from the psychedelic 60s, and the music of this new decade featured either rock bands with guitar heroes, or pop rebels who helped usher in their style and glamour for what the 70s is now best remembered.
SAILOR stands alone as the most original chart act of the decade. The group line-up incorporates instruments as diverse as mandolins, glockenspiels, accordion, military bass-drum, and of course the legendary Nickelodeon, an exclusive invention of the band. The sound originally inspired by one of Georg's demo tapes and intended only as "musical review", was recognized by Grant as the perfect group direction.
The songs then became theatrical located in a fantasy world of red light districts and harbour towns - the characters being lonely sailors far from home.
The Nickelodeon, an extraordinary instrument was designed and built for the purpose of delivering SAILOR's definitive sound. The first album, released in 1974, included the hit "Traffic Jam". The album achieved Gold status in Holland. But it was the second album "Trouble" that established SAILOR throughout the world. "A Glass Of Champagne" was top hit throughout the world in 1975, and was soon followed by "Girls Girls Girls" in 1976.
Those fortunate enough to have experienced a SAILOR concert during this period will recall not only the unique theatricality of their stage act - a harbour town, the Nickelodeon, street lamps, palm trees, etc., but also the variety of musical influences and styles rendered in one performance.
The original line-up of SAILOR split up at the end of the 1970s. In 1980 Phil and Henry released a new album together with Gavin David and Virginia David. Afterwards, Henry mainly composed music for television, Georg released three albums with "DATA", Grant took up teaching chemistry, while Phil enjoyed success touring with "Culture Club" and co-writing the now classic hit "Karma Chameleon".
In 1989 a dream for SAILOR and its fans came through. A new album, after a ten year silence, two new hit singles "The Secretary" and "La Cumbia", songs which are firm favourites at their concerts and which re-establish the band as a force to be reckoned with in the 90s. From then on they went back on tour again and played on many of the so-called "Oldie Nights".
In 1995 Georg Kajanus departed the band to pursue a solo career. But, SAILOR took on the seemingly impossible task of finding a replacement. The arrival of Peter Lincoln, a respected guitarist and singer, gave new life to SAILOR. Just listen to the new tracks to really experience the giant leap that SAILOR has taken in such a short space of time. The first SAILOR live album "Live In Berlin" was also recorded in this line-up.
Original member Henry Marsh left the band in late 1999 and was replaced by Anthony England on the left side of the Nickelodeon.
In May 2001 Anthony England left the band. A new young passionate and very talented musician, Rob Alderton, joined the line-up and brought new life to the old Nickelodeon sound. In the new line-up SAILOR recorded their first DVD at a very special UK headline concert in November 2002 and continued the legacy of one of the most extraordniary bands of all time.
In 2004 SAILOR were voted the 45th most successful pop band of the last 40 years in Germany, surrounded by Genesis on 46 and Culture Club on 44. Their first and only SAILOR book "A Glass Of Champagne - The Official SAILOR Story" with 352 pages and over 120 photographs (mostly unpublished) was released in June 2004. The year ended with the
Golden Classics 30th anniversary Holland tour.
2005 started with a big UK "Glitz Blitz and 70's Hitz" tour and plans to release the long awaited "Buried Treasure" - SAILOR's new anthology CD boxed set of greatest hits, private scrapbook, and latest recordings - as well as the single, a new version of "Karma Chameleon".
In July 2005 Rob Alderton left the ship. A few weeks later original SAILOR member Henry Marsh returned to his place at the Nickelodeon.
In September 2006 Peter Lincoln decided to leave SAILOR after ten years to join The Sweet. Afterwards, Henry's son Oliver Marsh joined the band as their new singer to continue the journey. The first concert with Oliver in October 2006 was a huge success, as were the subsequent concerts. Thanks to Oliver's unique opera voice, SAILOR added a moving new encore, "Con Te Partirò" to their set. In April 2009 Oliver Marsh left the band in order to pursue his career in opera, but he returned again in May 2011. During those two years, SAILOR's singer was Nick Parvin.
In February 2011 SAILOR announced the retirement of Grant Serpell, who was replaced by Henry's son Tom Marsh who had already helped out in SAILOR for a couple of concerts while Grant had to take a break after an injury.
SAILOR keep on sailing and the SAILOR legend continues for one simple reason: there is simply nobody else like them, anywhere. In 2014 they celebrated their 40th anniversary.
In 2016 the re-release of the book "SAILOR - The Official Biography" by James McCarraher informed us that Phil Pickett had decided to leave the band. The book ended with the words "SAILOR will continue, with Henry and Ollie at the helm. Coming to a theatre near you...". No SAILOR shows have happened since May 2014 though, but the two SAILOR captains Pete Lincoln and Oliver Marsh continue to perform SAILOR songs at their shows, keeping the music of the band alive for audiences.

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"So play Nickelodeon play, bring back the bright golden days, play Nickelodeon with an accordion, play me the songs that I love..."

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