Nick Parvin


On 22 May 2009, SAILOR announed their new lead singer:

*** As promised last week, SAILOR is very proud to announce its new lead singer and guitarist today.
He is Nick Parvin.
Based in Kent in South East England, Nick has been playing music for as long as he can remember. A long lasting love of all things musical has seen Nick play in many bands and in many styles. The 90s saw him playing a lot of funk and acid jazz leading eventually to securing a recording deal with his Indie/Rock band Silverstone. This period is where he learned the art of music production and song-writing and then went on to write music for BBC and Channel 4 television. Nick has since been playing and singing live with his corporate function band Mojomachine which has taken him all over the UK and Europe. He is delighted to have been asked to join SAILOR as remembers vividly watching the band appear on 'Top Of The Pops' in 1976 and wondering just exactly what that ‘Piano Contraption’ was!
After many weeks of rehearsals he now knows!
Tomorrow, SAILOR fans in Weisswasser, Germany (near Poland!) will be able to meet Nick and see (and hear) exactly for themselves why Henry, Grant and Phil are incredibly lucky to have found such a great singer, extremely talented musician, all-round lovely guy and 'damned fine-looking chap' to join them in SAILOR and someone who has already been dubbed "SAILOR's New Nick!" ***
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Nick left SAILOR again in May 2011 and was replaced again by Henry's son, Oliver Marsh.


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