Oliver Marsh


In September 2006 the remaining SAILORs Henry, Grant and Phil were proud to announce that Henry's son, Oliver Marsh joined the band replacing Peter Lincoln on lead vocals and guitar. Oliver, already achieved fantastic success as a star vocalist in such productions as 'The Blues Brothers' which toured all over Germany, and 'The Roy Orbison Story' in which he played both John Lennon and Bruce Springsteen to rave reviews and critical acclaim. Prior to this he impressed many in Phil and Henry's ''Casper The Musical'' which opened in London's West End in 1999. In many ways he was the obvious choice and his impressive vocal range as well as a genuine enthusiasm to become part of the band instantly convinced everyone that Ollie was their man.
''Being part of the SAILOR 'family' was of course an advantage'' says Phil; ''but his youthful energy and amazingly powerful voice knocked spots off all other contenders and he is already becoming a huge asset to the band. I believe Ollie will give SAILOR a whole new lease of life as well as the 'shot in the arm' it needs at this point.''
Grant agrees: ''Henry of course did a fantastic job going over everything with Ollie and although content to leave the final decision to me and Phil, was very confident in his abilities. But you can tell Ollie just loves the songs and the strength and range of his voice will give SAILOR opportunities to expand and improve the live show enormously. I'm thrilled he actually wants to do it!''

Oliver had his first performance with SAILOR in Munich (Germany) on 14 October 2006. The concert was a huge success, as were the subsequent concerts. Thanks to Oliver's unique opera voice, SAILOR added a moving new encore, "Con Te Partiṛ" to their set.

In April 2009, Oliver left SAILOR to pursue his career in opera, but he returned again in May 2011.


  • Check out Oliver Marsh singing "Con Te Partiṛ" live in Bad Salzungen, Germany, on 24 June 2011...
    filmed by Karsten Wagner © www.sailor-music.com


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